Know Nuances of Osteoporosis and Know How to Combat it

You have heard of bone fracture, have heard of weakness in bones. But did you know the cause? You might have heard of Osteoporosis, but this mumble-jumble you did care for. You don’t want to get into the medical jargons, but the fact is most of the people are unaware of what osteoporosis is and how it affects them. Here is a brief overview of what does osteoporosis mean and how to combat it.

What is osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass that creates problems like broken bones, particularly in the spine, hip, and wrist. Well, osteoporosis occurs due to imbalance between new bone formation and old bone absorption. If you are lacking calcium and phosphorus in your body then also you get pain in your bones. So, the doctor recommends calcium and phosphorus in your diet. It occurs mostly in women and mostly found in whites or Asian women with a family member with osteoporosis. At the initial stages, it may not let you know the pain or anything, but in later stage it cause pain in the bones, joints, particularly low back pain and neck pain.

Treatment and managing osteoporosis:

In the course of treatment doctors mainly focus on reducing the minerals, calcium and phosphorus loss and give medicine that prevents pain. Doctors also suggest taking balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D and strictly say no to tobacco or alcohol intake.

You can deal with osteoporosis by taking calcium and vitamin D in your diet, doing weight bearing exercises, healthy life style with no smoking and alcohols and can visit to doctor to take proper medication.

Prevention of osteoporosis:

Although osteoporosis is regarded as incurable, it can be prevented. Prevention includes patient education and early recognition of the symptoms and signs. Take the help of physiotherapists and doctors if osteoporosis is a concern for you.

Education regarding Osteoporosis is an important matter. Instruct children, adolescents, and their families and say that the roots of adult-onset osteoporosis begin in childhood. To combat this at the initial stage, one has to do a lot of exercises. It is proved that established that regular weight-bearing exercise, such as jumping, in school-age children improves bone mass.

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