5 Osteoporosis Facts! Sorting the Myths From the Facts of Osteoporosis!

A lot more is known about Osteoporosis than a few years ago but the myths and lies of the corporations that benefit from the sales of ineffectual and even dangerous drugs still persist. These Osteoporosis facts will destroy many of the myths and beliefs long held in the community about this bone condition!

Osteoporosis Fact 1 - Low estrogen levels do not cause osteoporosis!

For many years the public and medical profession has been fed incorrect information about how Osteoporosis works and how it can be treated. By redefining the condition, meddling with statistics and withholding vital medical information from tests the big drug companies that had been looking for a way to sell their hormone replacement pills had found a new market.
By convincing the populace with a major marketing campaign the companies whose estrogen supplements had suffered a major loss as research showed it had major side effects with cancer being the major problem. Suddenly it seemed common knowledge that lack of Estrogen which occurs in older women after menopause was what caused low bone density!
This was not true but the marketing campaign backed by corrupt studies had everyone convinced so the sales of these products despite their risks skyrocketed.
There is in fact no proof that low estrogen levels causes Osteoporosis. Women from many cultures have been tested and it is found that older women from all over the world do suffer any major Osteoporosis problems on the whole.

Osteoporosis Fact 2 - Increasing calcium intake will not stop Osteoporosis!

Osteoporosis and lower bone density does have a lot to do with calcium in that the condition strips calcium from the bone leaving it frail. However drinking more milk and eating more dairy is not the answer. Our modern western lifestyles that are high in protein and dairy actually leaves our blood much more acidic than other people, this acidic blood strips calcium from the bone to equalize the bloods acid level but that calcium is not replaced. Unfortunately dairy food while high in calcium also increases the bloods acid levels making it of little benefit to someone already on the way to Osteoporosis.
To back this up there have been studies that have shown that people from traditionally low dairy diets in certain parts of the world do not suffer Osteoporosis to any great degree!

Osteoporosis Fact 3 - Osteoporosis is not genetic!

As with the last point we see that Osteoporosis is caused by conditions in our diet, not by the predisposition of our parents. Some people may be more at risk than others due to different body types but Osteoporosis is certainly a lifestyle condition more than anything else.

Osteoporosis Fact 4 - Osteoporosis is not about age!

Some people believe that Osteoporosis is just another part of getting old. While it is more noticeable in older people this is caused by a lifetime of problems that have led to the conditions that will show themselves later in life. The truth is that this condition is preventable with he right diet and exercise, especially weight bearing and resistance exercise that helps in bone development.

Osteoporosis Fact 5 - You can cure Osteoporosis!

Osteoporosis is not some disease that when you have it you must suffer it forever, it is a reversible condition! While prevention is easier and better than curing Osteoporosis building healthy bones from a low bone density base can be done by changing your lifestyle with diet and exercise!

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